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               Akhal-Teke stallion Halil is the successor of the Skak line, which is a budding of her powerful line Perrin and waste of breeding material in Turkmenistan declined. Therefore, we hope for the development of this line is connected to with such an outstanding colt as Halil Shael.

               Pedigree Khalil is outbred enough, although the outstanding sire name Garem occurs three times, moderately remotely 5,4-4. A Gelishikli name six times as much in the degree of 7,7,5,6,6-6. This makes the future use of Khalil particularly promising, on the one hand there is no inbreeding in the close ranks of the ancestors, and the other on his pedigree consolidate outstanding Gelishikli.

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born color line dam family birthplace owner
10.02.2015 black Skak Yarum Shael Stud EC Uspensky

buckskin, 1997
1280 Singapur
buckskin, 1981
918 Senagat 795 Serdar  
1227 Karali
1753 Gurat 721 Kaplan
1333 Sarykush
2703 Dargansara
bay, 1993
1095 Polot 1010 Sovkhoz 2nd
2051 Sakharnaya
2250 Damgia 870 Garem
1488 Giakhan
chestnut, 2010
black, 2000
1189 Dialog 870 Garem
1764 Doka 3
2938 Sonata 1101 Turali
1856 Sudba
bay, 2005
1248 Orlan 943 Arslan
1631 Oktava
2991 Yanghylay 1039 Galkan
2514 Yarush

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