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In 2008 the Shamborant Studfarm will have to learn to live without Sharip Galimov, its founder and manager, who passed away so prematurely at the age of fifty. The legacy this talented breeder has left behind affords our stud the opportunity to occupy the leading place in the global Akhal-Teke breeding and our collective goal at ShaEl today is not to let our standards slip.

In 2008 we will see a selection of foals created as a result of S.Galimov’s breeding plan. The survey of our breeding stock for 2008 is offered in this article.



  1. Alvan – bay, 1999, Dorkush-Ayta (Garem), line El. 161-182-19.5

Alvan has proved himself an outstanding racehorse with several classic wins including a Derby. A particularly valuable feature of his pedigree is Garem (maternal grandsire) and the best daughter of Sektor Sabyrli (paternal granddam). Alvan has a medium inbreeding 4-4 to Peren. To begin to describe the merits of Garem for Akhal-Teke breeding is akin to proving the role of the sun in the existence of life on earth. It is enough to mention his sons Gaukhar, Yasman, Dialog, Djagitai. Sabyrli is famous for her son Saklanma (Sovkhoz 2nd) and particularly for her daughter Sakharnaya (Yalta).

Alvan is sufficiently typical, a little coarse in a masculine sort of way which some stallions can be at times, with average contour. He has a dry head with a Roman nose, eyes with a characteristic Teke slant, well-set medium-long ears. He has superb conformation with an excellent topline. The neck is medium-long, with well-developed wither, long sloping shoulder, long forearm and medium cannon bone. His lesser feature are his upright pasterns, which, however, did not affect his ability on the racetrack. His chest is wide and deep. The croup is long, wide and well-muscled, of excellent shape and attached well to the body. The hind legs are faultless. He has a kind nature, is focused on cooperation with the rider and has an expressive temperament. Alvan has moved away from the line type under the influence of Garem. His descendants are no longer possible to attribute to El line, hence the decision to define a new, independent line Alvan.


  1. Gasyr ShaEl – black, 1999, Melesur – Gezerli (Omar), line El. 162-184-20

Did not race. World Champion 2003. His pedigree is decorated with Sakharnaya (from Yalta) in the second generation on his sire’s side and an illustrious origins of his dam, in whose pedigree there are no obscure spots. Every horse in it is a legend. Such individuals as Omar, Opal, Sere, Gvosdika, Gaya, Oktava are the salt of the earth in this breed. In the distant generations of his ancestors Gazyr is inbred 6-6 on the line founder El.

Gazyr is elegant and harmonious, very reminiscent of his grandsire Omar. His head is dry and long, with expressive convex eyes, long ears slightly pointing sideways, the neck has an extremely well-developed poll, and set at a medium angle. His withers are medium high, he has a strong back and a short loin. The shoulder is sloping, legs are faultless, chest is wide and deep. The croup is ideal shape and attached perfectly and is very long. He is exceptionally richly muscled.

Gazyr is an ideal type of saddle horse. If anything, one could wish for a slightly more pronounced wither. He has a kind nature, responds readily to invitation to cooperate with humans, and has an expressive temperament. The influence of Omar on Gazyr through the maternal line makes is meaningless to view him in the context of the El line, hence our intention to begin to develop the new Gazyr line.

  1. Shaar Shael, perlino, 2001, Gayaz-Aida (Yakyr). 155-181-19.0

Did not race. Placed in Equiros 2003 to 2006.

Shaar is the first son of Aida (Yakyr) from the stud collection of the daughters of the great dam Aykhanum (Derbent). As a first-born, he was born weak and in his development lagged considerably behind his peers. In the end, this resulted in his reduced height which clearly does not come up to his genetic potential.

The sire side of his pedigree is glamorous. His sire Gayaz, the founder of his line, has become famous, having produced an array of exceptional sons, besides Shaar: Murgi (Almagul), Kaitag (Almagul), Dalai (Yalama), Mansyz (Salimat), Makka (Melana). Shaar, in many ways, superceeds his sire, he has a small, brilliantly typical dry head with slanted blue eyes. Perfectly set, medium-length ears. Long high-set neck with an absolutely unreal bend and an exceptionally long poll. The wither is well-defined, the shoulder is long and sloping, the back and loin are long but very strong. The croup is correctly shaped and well attached. The front legs are not perfect, with some uprightness in the pastern. Cannon bone is short with a long forearm. Despite the modest height, this stallion has a good depth of chest.

In his temperament he is kind, curious and energetic. This stallion stands out from the rest in his superior intellect.

  1. Makka ShaEl, buckskin, 2004, Gayaz – Melana (Omar), line Gayaz. 160-183-21.

Raced as a 2-year-old but did not finish his racing career due to the closure of Piatigorsk Hippodrome for renovation. Placed at Equiros 2007. Makka belongs to the well-known array of brilliant sons of Gayaz, and at the same time is a unique son of Melana by Omar. Melana was an outstanding racehorse but, unfortunately, her breeding career was less successful. Makka is the only opportunity to preserve in the breed the legacy of Melana. In his pedigree, Makka has no inbreeding in the recent generations. On the whole though, his origins are excellent. Makka’s type does not exceed that of his sire but he has a better conformation and, on the whole, has better qualities as a riding horse. He is more substantial, stronger and better balanced. He is so flawlessly put together that it is practically pointless to analyse his conformation. His most attractive feature is the overall harmony of his build. His character is kind, very energetic and he has excellent movements.

  1. Yas Yar, dark buckskin, 1994, Yasman-Yava (Pudok), Yasman line. 159-180-20.5




Did not race. Competed in dressage to Prix StGeorge, then received an injury and was returned to stud to continue the work with the Yasman line.

Yas Yar has a very close inbreeding 3-2 on Yalma and is very similar to his great sire. Yasman is a legend in the Akhal-Teke breeding, the best horse in the life of V.P. Shamborant in his memoirs. He was a horse without any defects in conformation and, at the same time, was big, with an unbelievably good type.


Yas Yar is one of the two sons of Yasman, the rarest carrier of his genes. At our stud we have his half-sister Yasurli (Surat) and five daughters of his half-brother Jasman (Damja).

Yas Yar’s dam Yava was simplier, but with a smart pedigree. The name of Pudok, the Derby winner, is worth a lot in this breed.

Yas Yar has a complex temperament which, nevertheless, is inclined towards cooperation with humans, and excellent, typical for an Akhal-Teke movements



  1. Almagul, bay, 1990, Omar-Aykhanum (by Derbent), line Fakir-Pelvan, family Aikhanum (Fantaziia). 157-186-19.5



Did not race. Almagul – is the last daughter of Omar in our breeding stock. She has no inbreeding in recent generations. Almagul is the oldest daughter in the family of the great Aykhanum. This is a middle-sized mare, with medium-long contour and of exceptional type. She is strongly influenced by the granddam Oktava (Khorgos). In general, in herself and through her off-spring Almagul differs from the group of Aikhanum daughters, and, together with her own daughters Salimat and Jeannette, can be grouped into her own family.
  1. Salimat – black, 1997, Singapour-Almagul, line Skak, family Almagul. 158-190-19.0


Did not race. Similarly to her mother, she has no inbreeding in her pedigree. Like her mother, she has medium-long contour, but is more monumental and retains strong type. One can see the influence of her grandsire Senagat in her. Amongst her off-spring is the strong racer Mansyz (Gayaz), Shaitan (Karar) exported to the Czech Republic, and our broodmares Zalimat (Gazyr) and Salikhat (Garant).
  1. Jeanette, black, 2005, Gazyr-Almagul, line Gazyr, family Almagul. 159-170-19.0.


Did not race. This is her first season as a broodmare. Jeanette is a typical daughter of Gazyr – typical, dry and compact. In her pedigree there is a close inbreeding on Omar (2-3) and an average inbreeding on Sere (4-4).


  1. Geli, buckskin, 1992, Gaysan-Melegul (Fakel), line Gelishikli, family Pel. 160-190-19.5



Did not race. No inbreeding in the recent generations. Geli is compact, dry, typical in the style of her sire and grandsire (Dagestan). Her dam Melegul came from Turkmenistan and has in her pedigree a number of good “race aces”. One of her daughters by Djasman, Djagali, is used in breeding at our stud.
  1. Djagali – buckskin, 1998, Djasman – Geli, line Yasman, family Pel. 159-192-19.0



Did not race. Djagali has a distant inbreeding on Gelishikli (5-5,5) and is very similar to her sire: powerful, typical and of medium-long countour. In 2007 she produced an exceptional quality filly Gaikhat (Garant).
  1. Gandja – black, 1992, Gaysan – Damja (Garem), line Gelishikli and family Damja (Lachin). 162-195-19.0



Did not race. Medium inbreeding on Gelishikli 4-4. She is exceptionally typical and has excellent conformation. Gandja was placed at the first World Championship in 1999 where she got the same marks as the crowned champion and was bereft of the glamourous title through the vagaries of a dice. Unfortunately, as a broodmare she has not been successful but in 2007 she did produce a remarkable filly Nadiyat (Garant). Earlier, in 2001, she gave birth to a very typical colt Birinchi (Gayaz) who is used as a sire in Ukraine.
  1. Dargansara - bay, 1993, Polot – Damja, line El, family Damja (Lachin). 157-187-19.5



Did not race. No inbreeding. Dargansara is of medium-long contour, typical and well-built. Amongst the breeding mares at our stud are her remarkable daughters: Rursi (Melesur) and Sharida (Gayaz).
  1. Rursiblack, 1999, Melesur – Dargansara, line El, family Damja (Lachin). 160-185-19.5



Did not race. Rursi is the result of a risky inbreeding on Sovkhoz-2nd and Sakharnaya 3-2 in both instances, because Melesur and Polot (the sire of Dargansara) were full brothers. Rursi is very typical and very well-built and already showed herself as an excellent producer. Her daughters Khamis (Alvan) and Patikha (Pekhimdar) are certainly of breeding quality.
  1. Sharida – grey, 2001, Gayaz-Dargansara, line Gayaz, family Damja (Lachin). 158-181-19.0



Did not race. Has medium inbreeding on Gundogar 4-4. Sharida is compact, typical of her line and has excellent movements. In 2007 she gave birth to a breeding-quality filly Maskhara (Pekhimdar).
  1. Tas’ikuli, bay, 2003, Karar-Demirkhanum, line Kaplan, family Damja (Lachin). 160-180-19.0



Raced at Piatigorsk. No inbreeding. Tas’ikuli is a typical example of the Damja family. Fairly compact, well-built and is a promising broodmare. In 2007 she had her first-born – a filly Khalisat (Garant), worthy of inclusion in the breeding stock of the future.
  1. Yasurli, bay, 1994, Yasman – Surat, line yasman, family Vekherzen. 155-180-19.5



Did not race. No inbreeding. Yasurli has exceptionally rare and valuable genes. She is phenomenally typical, with long contour, dry and refined. Amongst her off-spring one should mention the Reserve World Champion Rakhmagli (Gayaz) and a wonder-colt Pikri (Murgab).
  1. Aida – buckskin, 1997, Yakyr – Aikhanum, line Sere, family Aykhanum. 158-191-20.0



Did not race. Inbred on Sere 3-3. Aida is a powerful mare with good bone, in keeping with the type in her family. In her significance as a producer, she has taken a comparable place occupied by her famous dam. In her breeding career as such horses as Shaar (Gayaz) and Gaikhan (Pekhimdar). Darman (Gayaz) is taken up into the breeding stock.
  1. Darman – chestnut, 2005, Gazyr – Aida, line Gazyr, family Aykhanum. 157-180-20.0



Did not race. Inbred on Oktava 3-4 and Sere (4,4-4). Darman has good type, is compact and with excellent conformation. Good bone and powerful. She is slightly pigeon-toed which sometimes is passed on in the sire line.
  1. Ajai – buckskin, 2000, Yakyr-Aikhanum, line Sere, family Aykhanum. 158-189-20.0



Did not race. She is a full sister to Aida and her challenger for the place on the podium vacated by Aikhanum. Her claim to a place on this podium is confirmed by the birth of Kheva (Gazyr), who is amongst the top-rank of horses of the Akhal-Teke breed.
  1. Khevablack, 2005, Gazyr-Ajai, line Gazyr, family Aykhanum. 159-175-20.0



Did not race. Inbred on Octava 3-4 and Sere (4,4-4). Kheva is close to an ideal Akhal-Teke horse. She combines phenomenal type with excellent qualities of a riding horse. She is an example of what we aim to get by using a stallion such as her sire Gazyr. She is the World Champion Yearling in 2006, and the winner of the prize “The Most Beautiful Horse of theYear – 2007” at the show “Palmira-Teke”, and the winnder of the prize “Best Horse of the Year 2007” at the show “Akhal-Teke Gold Cup”.
  1. Akhbeli bay, 2002, Djasman-Aykhnum, line Yasman, family Aykhanum. 162-185-19.5



Raced at Piatigorsk. Inbred on Sere 3-4. Akhbeli is in line with her family type – large, long and a depth desired in a good broodmare.
  1. Hannah buckskin, 2005, Gayaz-Aykhanum, line Gayaz, family Aykhanum. 157-175-20.0



Did not race. Inbred on Sere 3-4. Hannah is the last and possibly the most valuable gift Aykhanum left to this breed. She is a copy of her mother and the stud is hoping she will develop into a successful broodmare.
  1. Yalamabay, 1997, Singapour – Yava (Pudok), line Skak, family Yarum. 156-189-18.0



Did not race. No inbreeding. This seemingly unremarkable mare has turned out to be a valuable broodmare. Amongst her children are placings at the “Shael Gold Cup” Lamus and Shammay, the Young Champion of Russia Dalai and World Champion 2004 Namuz. Yalama stands out in her long contour and quality movements which she passes on to her off-spring.
  1. Namuz grey, 2002, Gayaz – Yalama, line Gayaz, family Yarum. 161-185-20.0.



Raced at Piatigorsk. Inbred on Sere 5-4. Namuz has a long contour, excellent movements, is of ample build and good bone. She is the World Champion in 2005. In 2007 she gave birth to an excellent colt Gafar (Pekhimdar).
  1. Ayjan – bay, 2000, Djasman – Airan, line Yasman, family Ayran. 157-191-20.0



Did not race. No inbreeding but both her Sire and Dam are inbred on Garem 2-2 and on Fakir-Pelvan 3-3 respectively. Ayjan is a compact, powerful mare with good bone and retaining good type. In 2007 she gave us an exceptionally typical colt Zaman (Shaar) which gives us hopes for her future illustrious career as a broodmare.
  1. Asiilibay, 2002, Djasman – Ayran, line Yasman, family Ayran. 162-185-20.0



Raced at Piatigorsk and came 4th in Oaks. Asiili is similar to her full sister Ayjan. In 2007 she gave us a very god colt Djagar (Gayaz).
  1. Dubur – bay, 2001, Djasman – Gezerli (Omar), line Yasman, family Gezerli. 164-192-20.0



Did not race. Inbred on Sere 3-4. Dubur is a powerful, tall mare with good bone. She has a very valuable pedigree. Her dam Gezerli is the dam of Gazyr, a World Champion. In 2007 she gave an excellent foal Oiun (Garant).
  1. Zariyat – buckskin, 2004, Dorkush-Gezerli, line Gelishikli, family Gezerli. 155-175-20.0



No inbreeding in recent generations. Zariyat is compact, typical and well-built mare. Her pedigree should hopefully ensure a successful breeding career.
  1. Ayaman – buckskin, 2002, Gayaz – Al Depel, line Gayaz, family Al Depel. 160-185-19.5



Did not race. No inbreeding in recent generations. Ayaman is one of the most typical and impressive mares of our stud and we place big hopes on her in our selective breeding.
  1. Nargiz – buckskin, 2004, Gayaz – Al Depel, line Gayaz, family Al Depel. 160-180-19.5.


Did not race. We have the same hopes for Nargiz as for her full sister Ayaman.  

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