(Alvan - Maskhara)

               Akhal-Teke colt Adair Shael along with his brother Alisher surely claim a place in the state of native stud sires, as a successor of line El, bypassing branched and numerous offspring Polot and Melesur.

               Adair more similar to the mother, which is under the strong influence of famous Pampa. Adair temperate inbreds on the outstanding producer Harem to the extent in 5-3.

               The future use of Adair in the native stud can be quite wide due to the absence in his pedigree Sayvan, which are well represented in the daughters between the stud broodmares collection.

               Akhal-Teke stallion. Prospect for dressage. Breeding. Sale.


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born color line dam family birthplace owner
23.02.2015 grey El Ayta Shael Stud Shael Stud

bay, 1999
1057 Dorkush
bay, 1984
1063 Karasukhum 871 Ghindukush  
1543 Karasar
1843 Sabyrli 917 Sektor
1203 Kaghyz
2538 Ayta
buckskin, 1989
870 Garem 699 Gundogar
1597 Mantia 7
2097 Azalia 968 Pursat
1896 Algush
grey, 2007
grey, 2001
 Murgab 1150 Gayghysyz
2394 Millet 6
2883 Pampa 1048 Glazok 11
1834 Pariza
grey, 2001
1166 Gayaz 1150 Gayghysyz
2883 Pampa
2703 Dargansara 1095 Polot
2250 Damgia

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