Breeding Sires of Shamborant Stud "Shael"


Purebred Akhal-Teke horses of our Stud are an extension of selection of our teacher Vladimir Shamborant from 50-th years of last century. Selection was done on the type, exterior and performance.

We continued this trend with an enphasis on the requirements of top-level dressage, more on quality of movements. As a result at the current time Makka Shael is situated under sedle of Marina Afromeeva member of Russian team by dressage, participient of Olimpic Games 2016 in Rio. Famous Equestrian Club Uspensky presented in general by horses of our Stud.

As claimed experts and lovers of Akhal-Teke breed our pets have recognizable type and develope workabillity and main, Shael horses can move.

Sires of Shael Stud presented by remarkable collection:

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