Interview with Marcus Craggs, Lancer Stud, England


Leonid Babaev: You are known as a breeder of sport eventing horses. How did you come up with the idea to use Akhal-Teke horses in your selection?

Lancer Stud: An acquaintance suggested I look at the idea.


LB: Why did you decide to bring in the Akhal-Teke blood through mares?

LS: Mares because they influence the foal more than the stallion.


LB: By what qualities did you select Akhal-Teke mares for your breeding?

LS: Advice from an acquaintance and Shael Stud.


LB: What effect did you expect from this cross?

LS: If using the appropriate stallion then looking for progeny with good hard feet, stamina, endurance, robustness, good movement … jump and some dressage added by stallion.


LB: How do foals with Akhal-Teke blood differ from the rest, do they meet your expectations?

LS: Feet are smaller and tough, good movement, good temperament.


LB: Do you plan to expand the participation of Akhal-Teke blood in breeding?

LS: 5 Akhal Teke mares for present.


LB: Do you still only think about eventing selection?

LS: Only Eventing but could be dressage.


LB: What qualities of stallions are most suitable for cross-breeding with Akhal-Teke mares?

LS: Breeding with both jumping and dressage with evidence in progeny. Slightly short in back. 1.70+


LB: Are you thinking about purchasing an Akhateke stallion for crossbreeding with warmblood mares?

LS: No to stallion as too much work at Stud already!


LB: Were your expectations met or was there some disappointment?

LS: Very optimistic about youngsters so far. Eldest is 3yo so looking forward to next 12 months. Better than expected. 

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