Our experience at Shael Stud - off the beaten track 24-28 December 2016


          Having lived in Central Asia and Russia as young professionnals and having had horses as a child, we decided to look for Akhal tekes from Russia and import them by ourselves. After longer researches and contacts, we set our choice on Shael stud, as the horses matched our vision of this breed. We also paid attention to the philosophy, history and ethics of the Stud. 

          Once we arrived in Pokrov and met Mr Babaev and partners, we definitely understood that we found the exact place to buy our horses. Professional and intellectual people loving their work and their horses. In splendid nature! We were amazed by the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, people handling the horses with the perfect & serene attitude and the horses at ease with people, coming to see us and wanting to play.

          All our questions were answered with patience at a very professional level. 

We spent two full days with the horses and the staff. We saw the mares, the stallions, the youngstock and the babies. Of course there are ´key brend horses' of the Stud, but every horse has specific features and is interesting on its own. Even if the orientation of the Stud is dressage, you can find a horse for endurance, polo, jumping or breeding, trail or leisure.

          It was very difficult to choose horses, so we let the horses choose us, and we are very eager to see them between France and Switzerland, being the first French/Swiss buyers at Shael Stud.

          We would like to underline the valuable contribution of the ladies Natalia and Tatiana at the Stud; it is also  thanks to them and their fabulous relationship and love to the horses and their kind attitude towards us that we could not go home without horses. 


          On the third day, Mr Babaev brought us to the Equestrian Club "Novy Vek", and we had the honor to see the training of the Russian champions and team which were at the Olympics, and see the Shael stallions Omid and Makka training. 


          We for sure will come back to Shael Stud, follow the evolution of the horses and we wish that every horse finds a home and a rider that values the quality of the horses and the history of the Stud. We thank Mr Babaev and his team for their work, intelligence and legacy to the Akhal teke.





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