The vital horse

On 18th November 2018 the 9th annual conference hold by the Anja Beran foundation took place. The motto of the conference is “Horse training with feeling & respect”, every year the conference has another topic, the topic of this year was: “The vital horse”. Hosts of the conference were Anja Beran and Jana Lacey-Krone, the head of Circus Krone, the biggest circus in Europe. Meanwhile, the conference has become an established institution, with about 1300 visitors attending the conference.

Participants of the conference were among else the 5 year old akhal teke Degni Shael, a Warmblood mare from the state stud Schwaiganger, an Arabian stallion from the state stud Marbach, Lipizzaner horses, a Spanish stallion, a Friesian horse and a Haflinger. The young Degni Shael was ridden by the first rider of Anja Beran, Vera Munderloh. Anja Beran was very satisfied with the performance of Degni at the conference. Despite the difficult atmosphere in the small circus arena with the audience very close – 1300 visitors were watching, Degni Shael was rather relaxed and concentrated, and relied on his rider. He presented himself with expression and elegance. In general, Degni is making great progress in his dressage training. He is willing and ambitious and it is a pleasure to ride him. He has an excellent canter, which gives the rider a great feeling, almost like flying. His talent for the Spanish walk is also impressive, it is a useful exercise to train the freedom of shoulders.

We look forward to the further training path together with this noble horse!


photo by Ernst Lorentz.

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